We are a 3-star family child care center that provides exceptional childcare, healthy eating, and a safe learning environment to children 6 weeks to 13 years old. We strengthen minds, expand faculties, and introduce curriculums that help cultivate high self-esteem in children.

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We are a family childcare center. Our mission is to provide adequate childcare, healthy eating, a safe learning environment, strengthen mind faculties, and introduce curriculums that help cultivate high self-esteem in children. We accept ages 6 weeks - 13 years years of age

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Childcare Enrollment

Families interested in our Baby Genius 3-star childcare facility can enroll easily.
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Childcare Assistance

We offer payment assistance for families needing childcare.
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Speech Therapy

Baby Genius is partnered with Le Bonhuer Children's Hospital to provide Speech, Behavioral, and Phys
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After School STEM Tutoring

Baby Genius offers after school STEM tutoring service for children in our programs.
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Mother Goose Learning Curriculum

Mother Goose is an early learning curriculum that teaches children 33 skills. It helps children deve
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Spanish Education

Baby Genius teaches the children in our program Spanish. Learning a second language can help a child
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Physical Therapy

Baby Genius offers on-site physical therapy. This is used for children who have physical delays or d
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Behavior Therapy

Baby Genius offers on site behavior therapy. Behavior therapy can help children build healthy relati
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Potty Training

We provide potty training assistance to children in our program starting at 2 years old.
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At Baby Genius we want to provide tools to help children become the best they can be. 

We provide a curriculum that helps them develop skills early in life to be successful in the future. 

By providing speech, physical, and behavioral therapies, we help children overcome many obstacles.

Baby Genius provides a safe and loving environment for children ages 6 weeks to 13 years. 

Baby Genius provides payment assistance options so we can help provide children with the quality care they deserve. 

Baby Genius provides programs and curriculum for your child to learn and develop their skills.

Quality Care 

Baby Genius provides great childcare, healthy eating, and a safe environment! Children are given skills and programs to help prepare them by strengthening their independence. From tutoring to physical therapy, we have the programs your child needs to help them excel!


Baby Genius provides on-site speech, physical, and behavioral therapy. Techniques used by the professionals in these therapies will provide your child with various skills to help them succeed.