VYBE is a developmental program for ages 14+ that focuses on leadership and entrepreneurial skills. Our program provides the resources necessary to obtain Technical Licensure upon completion of high school. Introducing teens and young adults to new skills gives them the opportunity to be engaged in their community and become effective leaders.

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Vybe is a development program focusing on leadership and entrepreneurial skills for those 14+ years old looking to grow their personal success.


Licensure (Cost Per Student) (Cost Per Student) Real Estate $1,000
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Certificate (Cost Per Student) Tax Preparer $1,000 Credit
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Grants & Tuition Assistance

VYBE provides access to grants and tuition assistance for our classes.
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VYBE wants to provide students the skills to become the best version of themselves through entrepreneurship. 

VYBE provides students with licenses or certifications to become entrepreneurs.

VYBE gives students the skills and tools to become successful leaders in their community. 

VYBE provides students with practical skills to become entrepreneurs and leaders. 

VYBE has courses in various fields to prepare students for an entrepreneurial career. 

Students will graduate from high school with skills they need to become successful entrepreneurs.


Our youth is very important and developing them ensures our future. Below are a few of the courses offered at VYBE


  • Real Estate
  • Childcare Development (CDA)
  • Truck Driving (CDL)
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  • Tax Preparer
  • Credit Repair
  • Lash Tech
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Introduction to the program

VYBE was designed to give direct access to resources and training needed to obtain technical licensure upon completion of high school. Personal development, professional development, and credit literacy was implemented in each curriculum to enhance the quality of life and provoke the role of leadership. Students will break all limitations placed on their life and reach their full potential. Professional Development will be the transformation process from student to CEO. Students will learn credit literacy, how to be effective, how to start a business, and learn vital information needed to progress. Progression is the key to happiness. Change is the key to progression. Decision is the key to change. Let's Decide to Change our Circumstances and Experience True Happiness by Progressing! 

Plan of Action

Students will be certified in the desired field and be introduced to entrepreneurship. While they are doing this, their mind faculties will be strengthened. VYBE will contribute to the realization of reaching one’s dreams. Students will master the art of becoming the best version of themselves through entrepreneurship.